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Computer video pictureStarting a nonprofit and not sure where to begin? 

Our FREE video series shows, step by step, how to start a non-profit corporation and obtain tax exempt status.

Each video contains valuable “how to” information.    

  • Video 1:  How to Craft a Powerful Mission Statement.
  • Video 2:  Building your Board of Directors
  • Video 3:  How to form a Nonprofit Corporation in any state.
  • Video 4:  Applying to the IRS for Nonprofit Status.
  • Video 5:  Fundraising Secrets to Finding MONEY Fast. 

Don’t try to start a nonprofit alone.  Avoid costly mistakes; save time and money! 

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“Thanks for the information as it is extremely helpful.” – Tiffany

“Thank you so much for sending me this powerful lesson. It was very motivating and informative. It just really put everything in prospective.  Great tools to help me not to fail while getting my non profit off of the ground.  This is VERY helpfulKeep the info coming, GOD BLESS!!!!!” – Tonya

“Thanks soooo much for your assistance with my mission statement…” – Laura

“Thank you, Mark!  You have simplified this for me…it just flows now!  I am so excited I liked your fb page and visited your website.  I hope to take full advantage of your services!” – Nicole

“Thank you so much, Tricia, and thank you for ALL you do to help create a kinder, healthier, more loving world for everyone. Love always” - Susan

“Thank you so much for the class it was great.”  – Pauline

“I am grateful 4 u, God Bless” – Karmen

“Thanks ALOT!!  I am almost done with the questions you asked me to put into the IRS package.”- Roy

“Thank you so much for this info!!! God bless you and feel free to call me — contact number!” – Pamela

“Thank you for all of your resources and I hope that we can work together in the near future!” – Shenita

“Thank you so much for helping me build God’s new organization.  God bless you for life.” – Charles

“Thank you again for sending the videos; I watch them all.” – Keith

“Not only do I enjoy the videos, I also enjoy the information that you post in FB and the webinar that I recently attended. The resources that you have made available are helping me to make sure that I don’t fail. Thank you for all that you share; I really do appreciate it.” – Kelly

“Thank you so much for this video! During our research, we’ve come across this information but your video outlines it all in a great, easy-to-understand manner. We especially appreciate the asides that describe the differences between established, large organizations and the small, start-up organizations. Also, the case-study examples really help to explain a point.” - Olivia

“Thank you so much, Tricia, for this lovely gift.” - Manuel

“Thank you so much for link I really enjoyed the lesson it was great. Keep up the good work my dear friends.” – P. Mukozho

“Dear Trish and Mark…Thanks so very much for the advice you gave!!!! I took down 4 long pages of notes!!!!” – Lindsay

“Thank you so much Tricia. We received your emails and will look over them tonight.  We appreciate all your support. You’re amazing!!! ” - Mark and Ismini

“Yeaaaaa!!!! Thank You Tricia for all of your help.” – Alberta

“Wonderful! Thank you so much you guys are awesome!!” – Michelle

“Thank you!!! It was sooooo great to meet you!! I’m excited to get started!!” – Karen

“Thank you… For everything, I started to see results already. Have a beautiful day!” – Galiana

“Thank you so much, I really appreciate everything.” - Randy

“Thanks to you both.  May everything bright and beautiful bless your day.” – Kari

“Hi Mark, Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely use one of the mission statements you suggested.   I appreciate your help. Thanks again.” -  Alina

“Thank u for all your support!” – Larissa

“Thank you for the great information!” – Anne

“Great info! Thank you!” – Kara

“Thank you for inspiring and motivating me to get energy towards the Non-Profit Company” – Roy

“So far they’ve been EXTREMELY beneficial and really easy to follow step by step.  Can’t wait to watch the next video!!!”

“Tricia, I am so happy you are on my team – and so much more than that, my friend who really cares about my nonprofit – Thank you – Much love …” – Thomas 

“Your video instructions were awesome.  The instructions, production quality, integrity, professionalism and insights were the best we have ever encountered!  You and Mark should be very proud!”  - Mickey

“I listened to both lessons and found them very informative. You and your husband are doing a great job. You have made videos that even I can understand.” – Katharine

“Thanks for all of your help.  Your organization is great.” – Tangeria

“Please review the mission statement below that I crafted after watching your very helpful video.  This is a great service that you are providing, and I am truly blessed to have your guidance :-)” – April

“I just want to thank you.  Every time I open one of your emails I feel inspired to keep going in my journey with my program.  I realize that this journey is not about me, its so much bigger!  So again, thank you!” – Kimberly

“Thank you, I really appreciate the information” – Naye

“Thank you guys for all that you do.  I don’t know where I would be without you.” – Barbara

“Thank you so much for providing this opportunity to folks such as myself, who are passionate about making a change.” – LaShaune

“Thank you for your time and informational videos!” – Alia

“I want to truly thank you all for providing important information about creating a non-profit organization.” – Khayree

“Mark, I love it!  You have just made my life so much easier.  As I move ahead, I am eager to start up our organization and make our dream happen.” – Matt

“Thank you so much for your competent and fast reply!  We do highly appreciate your help!” – Natalia

“Thank you so much again.  Thank you for being who you are and more importantly honest and passionate about your work.” – Tanisha

“Perfect!!  Love it” – Jill

“Thank you so much for all you and your husband do.  I learned a lot from the webinar, thank you.” – Heather

“Thank you so much!  Keep these up and I love you! – Willie

“Thank you Tricia!  I so appreciate your work ethic and your going the extra mile with me.” – Connie

“Thanks, Tricia!  Thanks for all you do, though we’ve only just begun.” – Jenn

“Tricia, I appreciate so much all your help and all the information you have provided so far.” – Mario

“Thank you so much for this information!” – Jessica

“I’m very interested and the videos are inspirational.” – Kellee

“Thank you!  You are the best coach!  Blessings.” – Preston

“Tricia, thanks for the encouragement and support.” – Abdullah

“Thank you so much for the incredible support you provide.  I appreciate all you do.” – Joseph

“Love, love, love the video!  Thanks for your passion for nonprofits, for without companies like yours there’d be a lot of lost pioneers out there with dreams that never become a reality:)” – Laura

“Thank you for all the info. I look forward to watching the videos, learning how to successfully run a nonprofit” – God bless you, Lillie

“I’ve looked through your videos and will do so again. I’m going to go for my Non Profit status this year for my Dog Rescue but really need to go over the process…  that is why I love your sessions and info. Thanks so much for giving people like me the opportunity to use such helpful tools..” – Heidi

“I want to say thanks for the videos. They have been really REALLY helpful. Its making me really think about how the programs should be set up and the organization itself should be structured. I cant wait to find out more about the fundraising portion :-).” – Jessica

“I’ve watched the first video and I’m so very thankful for your time and wisdom. Thank You for making this and the other videos.” – Linda

“You and your organization are a God send.” – Beatrice

“Thank you so much, this is super.” – Ivy

“Thank you so much! I can’t thank you enough. I have been learning so much and it’s giving me the tools to run an effective board.” – Tina

“Thank you again for all you are doing for us!!!  Love you!” – Monica

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