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The Hope Agency Family Services

provides an opportunity to support the supervised visitation and safe exchange of children and families. Their mission is to facilitate the reunification of families while working closely with supporting agencies by establishing standards, promoting education, and utilizing family preservation techniques in the field of providing supervised visitation. The Hope Agency Family Services offers families a safe and enjoyable service environment; tailored to the needs and strengths of the family.    

Through modeling, respect, and effective communication this organization assists in identifying strengths, using positive reinforcement, and structured parenting techniques to enable a further purposeful visit. Their goal is to recognize and overcome barriers and eliminate obstacles that may prevent strengthening of relative bonds. They connect individuals and families to community resources, to allow the families to become a full functioning adult/parent among the community. Also assisting families to develop a support system that will sustain the family throughout the transition process, allowing for successful parenting.

The purpose of this organization is to provide supervised visitation and safe exchange of children; by and between parents, in situations involving; domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, sexual assault, or stalking. To protect children from trauma or experiencing abduction, injury, or death during parent and child visitation exchanges. Providing safe, educational, enjoyable visits that foster or strengthen a bond between families. 



Kordero Hunter MVP Foundation

- Kordero Hunter, 21, was a college football player, hard working student and innocent bystander who lost his life as a victim of a senseless shooting. A tragedy that is all too common in America; young men taking the lives of other young men. Kim Hunter, Kordero’s mother, decided – while dealing with the devastating loss of her child, to take action. She started the Kordero Hunter MVP Foundation; an organization that offers training and support for young men to be their best. The goal of this foundation is to offer life skills and job training, promote constructive involvement in activities and provide scholarships to restore the value of young men to society and create a safer world. Please support and congratulate Kim on the foundation’s recent approval as a 501c3 nonprofit. Share this and help bring an end to the cycle of violence in our communities.

“We acquire the strength we have overcome” Ralph Waldo Emerson  



Angels for Athletes, Inc.

This Phoenix, Arizona organization is dedicated to improving the lives of children by encouraging and supporting their participation in recreational and competitive sports.  Their goal is to transform the lives of children in their community by providing financial support to those who might not otherwise receive the benefits of recreational sports.



Serenity Psalms 147 Praise and Worship Ministries

This unique ministry comprises of vocalists, musicians, praise dancers, mime dancers, and steppers that promote the enhancement and understanding of worship through workshops, seminars, and other worship art  activities.  An inspiring way to spread the word of God.


GSP Hydraid4 6 months later

Global Sustainable Partnerships

This organization’s mission is to provide a simple, low-cost, water filtration system for schools in Tanzania.  Within 6 months of starting their 501c3 nonprofit, 10 units have been delivered providing safe drinking water to over 8000 school children.  The 2013 goal of this nonprofit is to expand by 30 schools and positively impact another 24,000 school children.  The U.S. Navy has provided logisticial and delivery support through their Project Handclasp program.



Neurological Enhancement Possibilities, Inc. 

Louise Hayes, Ph.D. founded her nonprofit organization to help people suffering from brain injuries to improve themselves through non-medical approaches.  Louise offers free workshops with the focus on stroke recovery, learning ability and pain management.  Louise has been researching and studying the function of the brain since receiving her PH.D in 1954!


The Bridge Organization, Bridging the Gap, Inc.

The mission of this nonprofit is to increase educational opportunities for gifted students in Oakland, California by placing them in schools and programs that will enhance their gifts.  Working with public school officials and community based organizations to identify gifted students who have the potential to succeed in a more structured academic environment, but otherwise would not have the opportunity.


Tesfaye – My Hope

Helping children in Africa by supporting their education is the mission of Tesfaye – My Hope.  This organization was founded by 2 time Olympic medalist, swimmer Markus Rogan, who will be competing in his third Olympics this summer in London.  Marcus founded Tesfaye – My Hope to help children of Ethiopia with school scholarships and by building a center to keep children off the streets.


Lisa’s Wish Foundation, Inc.

Dedicated to his wife, Lisa Croese Sabor, who lost her life to colon cancer at the very young age of 43 years old.  Lisa’s wish was that no one would go through the pain and suffering she had to endure during her battle against colon cancer.   The incidence of colon cancer is rising among those under age 50.  The mission of Lisa’s Wish Foundation is to educate and raise awareness about colon cancer and promote early screening and detection.  Please visit their facebook page for more information by clicking this link, .



Caitlin’s Cancer Fight

Please visit the website for Caitlin’s Cancer Fight and the Dreaming Star Ranch Project, this month’s featured organization. Caitlin is a remarkable 17 year old young woman who has brain cancer. Looking beyond her own situation, Caitlin is devoted to her goal of building a retreat for children who have cancer. She is a courageous young woman and an inspiration to all. Visit her website to learn more.


Non Profit Organization Definition:

A nonprofit organization (abbreviated as NPO, also known as a not-for-profit organization[1]) is an organization that does not issue stock shares or distribute its surplus funds to owners or shareholders, but instead uses the funds to help achieve its goals.[2] Examples of NPOs include charities (i.e., charitable organizations), trade unions, trade associations and public arts organizations. Most governments and government agencies are described by this definition, but in most countries they are considered a separate type of organization and not considered as NPOs.



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