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For many people, starting a nonprofit is their life’s calling.  Not everyone is familiar with the benefits of starting a nonprofit organization and obtaining 501c3 status.  Here are 7 reasons to formalize your charitable endeavors with a nonprofit corporation and official recognition of tax exempt status from the IRS.

Revenue generated from activities is free from federal and state income taxes.*  Donations are tax deductible* to the donor.  

Your organization is eligible to receive donations.

Reduced or eliminated sales and property taxes.*

Discounted postage.

Liability protection to officers and directors of nonprofit corporations.*

Free media coverage and exposure.

Ability to pay salaries, health and retirement benefits and ordinary and necessary business expenses.*

* Warning:  This is serious business.  Tax liability, deductibility of donations, sales and property tax abatement, liability protection and business expenses can vary based on your location and circumstance.   Always consult a licensed professional for specific details about your individual situation.  Our team includes licensed tax professionals admitted to practice before the IRS.





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